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The Summer Bridge Program is a six week, transition program that helps incoming, first-year students adjust to Carolina by providing academic enrichment, community building and, co-curricular and experiential learning activities.

Any student who has been admitted to UNC Chapel Hill and is a North Carolina Resident is eligible to apply. The cost of housing and tuition are covered by the program. All participants receive a stipend at orientation that can be used to cover the costs of books, on-campus dining options, and other on-campus expenses. Students are responsible for providing meals, supplies for the residence hall (bedding, toiletries, etc.), supplies for classes, and any extra-curricular expenses.

The courses we offer are ENGL 105, EDUC 330, MATH 110, and CHEM 100. The schedule is set up so that all participants take ENGL 105 in the morning and choose one of the three other classes for their afternoon course. Enrollment in EDUC 330, MATH 110, or CHEM 100 are determined by placement information for MATH courses and/or major and career interest. All courses fulfill a general education requirement or are a prerequisite for advanced STEM courses at Carolina. The Math Department at Carolina has a placement information chart available here for more details.